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The Moon Pan

Where nothing ever actually happens.

5 September 1990
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Hm, what about me? My name's Mune, or Cakepan. I have a real name, too, but it's not all that interesting, really. I'm extremely interested in any sort of western animation you can throw at me, IE: cartoons. Of course, there are some that I think are complete trash. As a general rule, though, I'm quite a fan of Danny Phantom, Invader ZIM, South Park, Futurama, Avatar and (most recently), Darkwing Duck. I enjoy others, but I can't think of them at the moment. Sorry.

Another fascination of mine is the paranormal. I'll pretty much gobble up any information about the supernatural. Two of my favorite phenomenas are Black Dogs and Falls from the Sky. If you know what those are, you win.

I write fanfiction when I feel like it. I've written stories for: Invader ZIM, Xiaolin Showdown, Futurama, Digimon, South Park, Death Note, Harry Potter, and a Danny Phantom fic that I don't actually count. They can be found here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~missmune My fics are mainly character oriented, and are often introspective. I have written a few comedic fics, though...

Now, as for my personality... I guess I'm a pretty nice person. I'm fairly sarcastic when I want to be but, for the most part, I'm absolutely terrified of interactions with people I don't know. So, really, I'll probably be freaking out if you attempt to make a conversation with me. (Although, perhaps not...) Oh, and I don't tolerate chat speak. So please, none of that, kay?